2016年10月04日掲載 BBC Newsに掲載されました

イギリスの公共放送局である英国放送協会(えいこくほうそうきょうかい、英: British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC)で、動物同伴避難所について取り上げてくださいました。


I was so surprised and glad to know that on Twitter, the BBC reported "Shelter with Pets".
The BBC broadcast an article written on the Japan Times.
In that article I said "People who can have idea about feelings or pains of animals without any languages also can be kind to almost of human beings such as their friends, neighbours, social members and foreigners with defferent mother tongue".
I do appreciate it that the BBC reported ties between people and animals by referring to "Shelter with Pets".
The ties can cross over borders and the difference in languages.
I'm extremely grateful to the BBC and the Japan Times.